Permanent, Programmable Holiday & Year Round Lighting

“Trimlight, Made for Life’s Moments”

Trimlight is a permanent, programmable holiday lighting system that gives Trimlight owners the ability to celebrate every holiday or special event throughout the year.

Trimlight provides bright, beautiful lighting at night, which is hardly noticeable during the day and stays up permanently. You never have to worry about hanging temporary lights again!

The lights are held in a channel installed along the roofline, matching the color of your home. The channel holds the lights securely in place and hides the wires completely from view, while also protecting the lights from UV damage and adding architectural beauty.

With a very user friendly app, Trimlight owners have access to preset holiday programs but can also create customizable colors, patterns and animations to meet any need.  A calendar feature allows you to program your lights in advance so they can be preset to come on for every holiday or special occasion.

Our exclusive LED lighting technology is energy efficient and designed to last for decades with minimal maintenance requirements, all with an unsurpassed lifetime product warranty!

Trimlight is the original permanent holiday lighting company.  With Trimlight’s patented system and cutting edge technology you will experience years of enjoyment and never have to worry about hanging lights again. Trimlight is truly “Made For Life’s Moments.”